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C35 Sports Academy is a multifaceted facility offering player development programs in a wide variety of sports.  The professional staff uses their knowledge, education, certifications, and experience to create a customizable plan for the athlete to excel in their abilities. The 10,000 sq/ft Academy is equipped with state of the art equipment to assist the athlete in gaining valuable skill-enhancing instruction programs and achieve their highest potential.  The Academy has both indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate the various sports and runs both group and individual sessions based on the desire of the athlete.  

C35 Sports Academy is excited to announce our new 10-week sports science player development program for the ‘20-’21 winter season! This comprehensive cognitive & physical training program uses BrainHQMicrogate reactive light technologies to increase a player’s reaction speed, improve their true agility (decision-based movement), and enhance decision making skills & attention (impulse control). We will use these systems to objectively assess an athlete’s brain speed and design an individualized program. This is a complete mind-body approach that is based on the athlete’s ability level regardless of sport or age.

We will also be introducing Microgate’s OptoGait & OptoJump systems for measurement of the athlete’s gait and body movements to evaluate & correct any physical imbalances. These interventions will help prevent injury and increase overall athletic performance and development.

This program has been endorsed by MLB and is currently being used by USA Baseball to assess athletes and improve performance. In addition to individual assessments it provides the cognitive & physical training necessary to help athletes excel in sports, in the classroom, and in life.

C35 is immensely proud to provide this state-of-the-art training to young athletes in our Moore County community & surrounding areas. Sessions begin the week of November 16th.

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